Musician Hearing Healthcare

Dr. McKnight has played guitar since the age of 12. He toured throughout the country after graduating from college (the first time), and lived in Nashville; writing music, doing session studio work and performing. He continues to play and write for the regional country band, True North. Years of musical experience, coupled with his audiological training, gives him a unique appreciation of what the demanding musician and audiophile needs.

If you make your living with music or simply live for music, isn’t it about time you schedule a complete hearing examination and consultation about how to keep your finely tuned hearing ‘finely tuned.’

Tallgrass Hearing offers a complete line of products for all levels of musicians including:

  • Hearing Protection using the Etymonic Research ER-9, ER-15 and ER-25 filters
    These are custom fit molds that reduce sound levels equally across the frequency spectrum. You hear the music, simply at a reduced intensity. Cheap foam plugs simply reduce the highs and sound unnatural, as well as lack comfort. One size DOES NOT fit all.
  • In-the-Ear Monitors
    Custom fit, the same units that major touring artists of all genres use. Ranging from single-driver units to five-driver systems, designed for the type of music and the specific instrument, you play.
  • Sound Defenders
    Solid core, custom fit ear-molds for maximum hearing protection.
  • Custom Fit Ear-Buds and In-the-Ear Headsets
    For getting the best sound out of any system, vinyl to MP3. Athletes really enjoy the comfortable, stable fit, and remarkable sound quality.
  • A full line of Ear-Buds and headsets for discriminating