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Hearing Aid Brands We Trust

Dr. McKnight and Dr. Taylor have worked with multiple hearing aid manufacturers throughout their careers. We have recently expanded our hearing aid selection to help meet the diverse needs of our patients. Hearing aids are not and never have been a “one-size-fits-all” piece of technology. Our audiology team will work with you to help decide the best technology to fit your hearing loss, financial needs and personal life. Oticon, Phonak and Signia all offer exceptional hearing devices.


Signia is a global leader in the hearing aid industry. We help millions of people regain and benefit from the miracle of hearing by designing and manufacturing innovative hearing aid devices and solutions. We improve people’s health, well-being, and quality of life as we strive to unlock human potential; by making wonderful sound part of everyone’s life. It’s not about correcting a loss, it’s about gaining and edge. Not just performing, performing brilliantly. Not just hearing again, but hearing better than ever. 

Hearing every word, beat, and breath. 

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