At Tallgrass Balance, Hearing and Physical Therapy, we work with individuals experiencing a variety of issues related to dizziness and balance, hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and all areas of physical therapy. Many of our patients have suffered from dizziness for years, having been told by other clinics that they will “have to learn to live with it.” Dizziness can be complicated, but many new treatments exist and management of the disorder has significantly improved. Multitudes of patients have been amazed that their problem is treatable and are happy to be able to move ahead with their busy lives. Our years of experience, training, and compassion for our patients make all the difference.

Tallgrass Balance and Physical Therapy Center recognizes that you need a place to “feel at home” and comfortable discussing your treatment options in a welcoming, friendly environment.

Our offices, treatment rooms and physical therapy center are specifically designed for just that…your comfort and safety.

Are any of these statements true for you?

  • I often experience the room spinning, especially when standing up from sitting down.
  • I’ve been falling consistently, experience severe vertigo (even getting on a chair or step) and I fear a major injury from a fall.
  • I’ve had a neurological event or stroke and need to have an assessment or begin a treatment plan.
  • I’m so nauseous and sick from dizziness, I can’t get out of bed or function.
  • I can’t understand what people are saying.
  • I’ve been researching about getting a hearing aid, but am just not sure what the right brand is for me.
  • I need a hearing test to see if I do need a hearing aid.
  • I’ve recently had a joint replacement surgery and require a physical therapy treatment program.
  • I want to improve my athletic performance, walking or running gait or overall physical well being.

If any of these statements are true for you, then you are a good fit to become a patient here at our Tallgrass Balance, Hearing & Physical Therapy office.

Now you know a little more about our office and what we do, the challenges our patients face and the types of disorders we specialize in, visit our Doctor and Physical Therapy Staff’s page to learn more about them too! We invite you to call our office at 785-228-6100 to schedule an appointment or download our patient forms to get your treatment started.